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Avoid the pitfalls of Buying a FSBO

Did you know that you could actually lose money and create risk for yourself by buying directly from an owner?  Home buying is an emotional process and most buyers wear their emotions on their sleeves. They don’t ask the crucial questions which can open them up to potential risks factors, besides that typically are not good at negotiating the best deal for themselves.

Solution is to hire an experienced Buyer’s Broker to handle and negotiate the deal for you.  This typically cost 1- 3% of the purchase price, but sometimes you can negotiate a flat fee arrangement.  The Buyer’s Broker knows how to ask the serious questions about the property and can coordinate a 3rd party home inspector for you. Additionally they have access to the history of the home and the sales data for the area and know the nuisances of the area and the effect that it may have on value. Most buyers do not have access to the complete data, and even if they have some of it from the web they truly do not have the experience on how to interpret it and apply it to a successful negotiation strategy.
Buyers Brokers understand the physiology of the selling process and can be your front man to negotiate the best deal as your advocate.  After the sale is nailed down they can save you time and money in coordinating and guiding you through the various steps before you reach the closing table which eliminates time and money not to mention stress.

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