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Cyber Wars

Ok I know it sounds like science fiction but if you are not embracing the new age of real estate your will loss out.  Today the consumers are not reading the print adds anymore everything is web based and interactive. The social media outlets such as linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are just a few of the tops media outlets you need to understand and embrace to be successful today.

Lesson #1

  • Facebook is to be treated politically correct in fashion, but do not take that literally and keep the politics away!
  • Do not post images of you with alcohol or other inappropriate posts with vulgarity or religious tones. Your clients may not be able to afford fancy restaurants or lavish vacations so be sensitive when making post about your five star excursions.
  • Facebook is an excellent way to build a network of contacts that you consistently keep aware that you are a Real Estate Professional and are Open for Business.
  • Do not be discouraged that your contacts do not give you a like on every post about real estate.  The important element here is to keep them aware so when they open and close chapters in their life and need a Realtor you will be the first person that comes to mind.
  • When you meet other Realtors in other cities and states from where you practice it’s important to build a network since you want referrals.


Lesson #2

  • Twitter is another power house of opportunity and best of all its free!  I made a post and over 900 new visitors visited my site within minutes!  That is powerful stuff!
  • Facebook is competing with Twitter with hash tags # so it’s important to tag subject matter relative to your post to maximize the influence of your post.
  • I struggled at first with Twitter thinking what is the purpose and why does anyone care what I am doing today.
  • You can tackle twitter a number of ways with short post of 140 characters or less. The one method is to join in on a topic of related interest and # tag your website to it. So for example if you discover a conversation on your local football team you could join the conversation and tag the fact that you have a property for sale across from the training field.
  • You also can create your own following with relevant fun dialog that is related to what you do or the area in which you live.  If you are witty you can create a following of people fast!

Since many younger buyers are Facebooking, Twitting and using other social medias they will also seek a Realtors who embraces the technology and keep up with today’s fast paced lifestyle

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