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Open Houses that Rock!

Most Realtors hate open house since it consumes the majority of your Sunday, but I love them! You need to prepare properly and advertise the property and Open House “EVENT”.  Notice I refer to an Open House as an “Event” which elevates it to a different level. Use Facebook and other social media outlets to advertise the Open house days before the event takes place. When you list a home it’s very important to do a proper “Launch” or “Blitz” of the market to introduce the home and you as the formidable expert in the area. This is your time to showcase your style to the neighbors selling your services for future listings. Neighbor take notice the activity and when you have an Open House that is well attended … you will “Rock” the community and profile on how your market to everyone in the area. Another secret on the first Open House event, especially In the Spring Market is to hit Costco before the Open house and purchase 3 dozen long stem roses. Punch your business card with holes in advance and attach your card to the rose stem. Make sure you bring colorful cocktail napkins that the stems can be wrapped in as people walk through the home, it makes a lasting impression and creates a buzz as people walk around the house all holding colorful roses!  It works…..try it.

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