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Realtor – Dress for Success in Business

Maybe it’s my age shining through but I find that Realtors are dressing down.  As a Realtor we are in the public eye 24/7. It’s important to dress the part of someone who is successful. The consumer needs to feel good about their decision to work with you. Dressing well not only helps you feel more confident but you gain the respect of the consumer in the process.

Running errands is not excuse for looking like a slob, for that is when you are most likely going to run into a person who ultimately is your next client or buyer!

The vehicle you drive should also give the correct image of success. You don’t need to drive a high end car, but your car should be clean and organized at all times. Image is everything in this business. Dress the part of someone successful and leave the jeans in the closet.

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